Katie Jones, M.Sc, P.Geo, P.Chem

Katie has a strong background in aqueous geochemistry, with over 9 years of experience in contaminant transport. Katie’s technical expertise includes: source term development, ML/ARD assessments, water quality modelling, water management planning, and hydrogeology. Katie regularly analyzes and interprets large datasets, and models contaminant technician, and as a result, has developed a holistic understanding of contaminant behavior. Katie developed an appreciation for hydrogeology prior to completing her M.Sc. as an environmental consultant for small scale remediation programs. During her M.Sc. Katie evaluated reactive transport. She later began work as a consultant to the mining sector, for open pit, underground, and oil sand mines. She has developed models to evaluate flow and water quality in receiving environments and basins, and regularly integrates geochemical analysis into her assessments. Through her experiences Katie learned to develop and manage large scale prediction programs for operating and proposed mines.